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Our team can help you assess and develop an organization that can actually deliver the strategy you set.

We are at our best when we are allowed to run our own reality check process, diagnose your organization and create the change process jointly with you. While doing so, we complement our experience with always-up-to-date data from our research hub and offer top of the class solutions.

We take special care that all pieces of the puzzle – people, processes and systems – are in perfect fit and in synergy.

In the last 5 years, we successfully used this process to help organizations tackle all kinds of change processes, small and big – from an implementation of a new Learning Management System, over a development of a new business model to improve organizational sustainability, to doing a complete organizational structure and culture overhaul, our clients always end up being more than happy with the results.

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From Administration to Learning and Performance Management, from internal and external communication to Employer Branding, from procedures and internal politics to strategic plans, we can help you connect the dots and build strong HR & Communication department(s).
We take special pride in the fact that our solutions are based on years of evidence based research within organizations from across Europe and the World.

Let us work with your leadership and specific teams and we will organize their personal and professional development having in mind their own and organizational current situation, as well as the strategy, plans and external environment.
Solutions are highly individualized, often completely different for two leaders or two teams from the same organization.
They can include personal and 360 assessments, group assessments, coaching, mentoring, individual or group trainings, reading, formal or informal learning etc.

Research and Advisory services:

  • HR
  • People Development
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Organizational Culture and Effectiveness, Organizational Climate
  • Corporate Universities
  • Corporate Experience Programs (trainee programs, functional development programs etc)
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At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.

John Chambers
Former Chairman, Cisco Systems

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